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     Welcome to, a resource for M14 rifle owners and home to the Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stock platform and our new generation, 4 point M14/M1A scope mount, the CASM®; a rugged, double-locked design that "unitizes" scope mount to receiver solidly in-line with the bore using the largest fasteners of any M14/M1A scope mount sold. Mount with Confidence™. New to our web site is the "LSP" an ultra long, lightweight, hand guard/scope mount/accessory rail suitable for the Blackfeather "RS" and other M14/M1A rifle stocks. Our official Manufacturer's Forum is located here on CGN. For sales, visit the bottom of each product page or call direct 250 721 3444. Thank-you.
     Status: 07.23.2016: Notice: We ship worldwide. Orders outside of North America, please email. The "LSP" is in stock in black (ltd. qty.). Blackfeather RS U.S.A. customers, please note: the Blackfeather RS can be purchased directly from our US distributor: M14EBR.US. The Blackfeather "RS" is out of stock. New inventory Summer 2016 in BLACK, FDE and DARK GREY. The CASM GEN II M14 scope mount (6 inch) is in stock. The new M1 Garand GEN II scope mount (with backup sight) is in stock. The M1 Garand GEN I EXTENDED scope mount is available in limited quantity (call to order). The New M14 Oprod Guide for standard rifles (Norinco black plastic stocks) is available (call or email to order). The CASM GEN II Steel is out of stock, ETA 2 weeks. The CASM MRD is out of stock (ETA Fall 2016). The Light Muzzle Brake/Front Sight Base sets are in stock. The SHG is in stock in black and FDE. The Black Arrow ORSG is in stock. The new HBA (High Buttstock Adapter) for the Blackfeather RS is in stock (call to order). The new MAGPUL, MOSSBERG SGA Adapter for the Blackfeather RS is in bead blasting, ETA 2 weeks. For more information about our FTU and LHG projects on the T97NSR bullpup rifle, visit the web site or call 250 888 9982 direct. Our new web site is launching Fall 2016. Thank-you for your support.
Download and read our treatise "Stepped Plane Optics On The M14-Type Rifle."

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